WRIGHT Samara May, (DOB 26.08.2001) of New Zealand in the W64kg B event’s “clean & jerk” category was unable to lift 88kg in her first attempt but managed to lift it in her second attempt.

HASHIMOTO Sumire (DOB 02.02.2001) of Japan, was unable to lift 98kg in her first and second attempts, but was able to in her final attempt.

Fiji’s JOHNS Rebecca Audrey (DOB 19.03.2003) tried her best to lift 70kg in her first attempted but failed, she came back strong in the her second attempt managing to lift 70kg and then 80kg later in her final attempt.

THORNTON Alexandra Marie (DOB 26.01.2001) of USA successfully lifted 98kg in her first attempt, she then lifted 100kg in her second attempt and 103kg in her final attempt.

SKELTON Rienna Lynn (DOB 20.05.2001) of Canada, lifted 94kg in her first attempt, 77kg in her second and 100kg in her third attempts.

ABOUKE Nancy Genzel (DOB 05.07.2003) of Nauru came out strongly in this category. She first lifted 100kg, then 105kg in her second attempt and later 110kg.

CHAMOU Sabah (09.07.2000) of Australia, was able to lift 100kg in her first attempt, 103kg in her second but failed to lift 106kg in her final attempt.


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