It was a special yet emotional day at the Suva Corrections Center today, as Families traveled from around Fiji to visit their loved Ones at the Institution.

Family members including children turned up in Numbers to spend the day with their loved ones.

Fiji Corrections Service, Assistant Commissioner of Operations-Sakuisa Veiwili says the “Christmas Lunch Program” gives Families of Inmates time to spend the day together.

Families of inmates were Decked out in their colorful bula attire with special packs of lunch especially made for their loved one at the Suva Corrections Center today.

Traveling all the way from Wainadoi, Ana Rakai says it was a special moment for her family to come and visit her Brother-in law.
Ana Rakai-Wainadoi

For Lisi Nawalu and her children who came all the way from Burebasaga in Rewa to visit her husband, she was thankful to the Corrections Service for giving families like her an opportunity to visit their loved ones.

Lisi Nawalu-Rewa
(Firstly I want to thank the Fiji Corrections Service for giving us this opportunity and the time to come and spend Christmas here at the Facility because we don’t know if will spend Christmas together or not, I’m just thankful that we all have been given this opportunity to meet here today)

Even though it took a while for her to meet her son, the wait was worth it all for -Merewai Susu who came all the way from Nadi with her family to visit her son.

Merewai Susu-Nadi
(I came all the way from Nadi; we came to visit my son that is here at the Corrections Facility. I’m thankful that we could be here today, we’ve traveled a long way to come here, we left home at half past six, and left the Nadi Bus Stand at seven, and we arrived here at half Ten. It’s been quite a while that we’ve been waiting here)

The Family Christmas Lunch is an on-going Program that’s been part of the Yellow Ribbon Program initiated back in 2008.

The Visitations happened across the various Corrections Institutions around Fiji.


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