In an effort to showcase inclusivity at the 2018 Olympic Day Run, FASANOC  is pleased to have the support of students from the Gospel School for the Deaf, Hilton Early Intervention Centre, Arya Samaj Primary School and 2016 paralympian Mere Roden.

Gospel School of the Deaf head teacher Salote Babitu said this was a great opportunity for her students to feel more like they are a part of a worldwide event.
“We have a little over 20 students who board with us and they will be taking part at the 2018 Olympic Day Run.

“These children model their behaviour after adults in their lives so with the Olympic Values being Friendship, Excellence and Respect perhaps our students can learn a lot from those that will be present,” she said.

Mrs Babitu said she was hopeful that her students will also get to learn about other sports and that their disability should not be a hindrance.

“We would like to teach our students that they can do whatever they can if they put their minds to it,” she said.

“Including our students in a worldwide event like the Olympic Day Run is exciting because now our students feel happy.”

2016 Paralympian Mere Roden said she was always happy to be a part of the event.
“It’s a time for my family to come out and enjoy the day and to always learn something new,” she said.

The Olympic Day Run starts on the 29th of June at 7am from Albert Park to My Suva Park and back again with a Sports Fair organised straight after the Run.

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