Illegal and Sudden Stopping of Vehicles presents a clear danger to road users.he Land Transport Authority (LTA) is very concerned with illegal stopping and sudden stopping of vehicles when this is not expected on the road.

LTA Chief Executive Officer, Samuel Simpson says taxi’s particularly have a tendency to pull in to the left and stop to pick up customers. Taxi Drivers have a responsibility not to pull in and stop suddenly. Stopping should only be carried out when it is safe to do so when a clear space around the vehicle exists and the risk of a rear end collision is mitigated.

In January this year over five hundred drivers have been issued with Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) for committing this offence.

Illegal stopping of vehicles has results in traffic disruption and causes congestion. Stopping illegally will result in you being fined through the issuing of a Traffic Infringement Notice.

The clear message in road safety terms is don’t do it!

Drivers and vehicle owners are reminded that maximum penalty for this offence is $200.00.

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