“Many Hands Make Light Work”

This is the Slogan that a recently set up Charity Organization in Fiji Lives by, since setting up in February of last year.

Group Founder-Kelly Cawood says if we all work together and with many hanads can make a big Difference and impact many lives in the community, one person on their own can’t make a difference.

Their Group hopes to Bless People and help as many People as they can.

They have a gathered a Huge Social Media Following since setting up their Page last year.

When you see a Need in the community the instant Human reaction is to Help.

This is exactly what Zimbabwean Born-Kelly Cawood who has been living in Fiji for the past 4 years with her Family.

Her Helping Hands Fiji Organization was established in February last year.

Cawood who lives in Natadola saw the needs of families around the community was birthed from there.

“Well um Joe and I, Joe is a local guy we were just sitting together and saying we see such a need in the community for widows especially originally, and so we decided just to take them some stuff and some food and some of my kids old clothes, and some toys  and basically it  just started from there after that we try and go visit another family each week and its grown from there via social media,” said Kelly Cawood – Founder – Helping Hands Fiji
Cawood says so far they have helped about hundred people since setting up their social media page on Facebook, as people would contact them directly on their page.

Most of the donations include clothes, shoes,toiletries and Groceries.

The Group has about 5 Volunteers around the country.

Through the Helping hand page, a lot of people will contact me through there and say I know of this family that needs help and we take it from there but there are a few  there are a few four or five ladies that work, that help in different areas and they just go around looking for people to help and let me know about it”

One of the greatest reward for her is to see people especially their Children’s Smile when they receive the much needed assistance from them.

“Just recently in Suva, Suruj came across  a grandma who is looking after two of her grand- kids and this grandma had an ulcer on her leg that shes had I think for 6 years. I  think 4 or 6 years, many years, she’s been to the hospitals a few times but never got any results and then we put on social media, we said  if this any private doctors that could see this lady. A wonderful man Dr. John Jefferies came to her aid, he saw her for free, his given her antibiotics. his completely really seeing her week after week all for free and after 6 years shes getting her life back,” said Kelly Cawood-Founder-Helping Hands Fiji.
The Group is always looking for Passionate Volunteers in what Profession they maybe in who are willingly to assist.
You can contact them directly on their Helping Hands Fiji Facebok Page.
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