It was to have been a normal working day for Nacanieli Bale who works as a Site Operator at the Kinoya Sewage Treatment Plant.

What he saw at the stem screen site, was something he never expected.

A foetus of a baby boy believed to be 7 months old.

Police was at the site after the matter was reported to the Valelevu Police Station and the Divisional Crime Officer Southern.

“This morning when I came to work and carried out my task as usual and to my surprise I saw this small baby. The first thing I saw was his hand and I jumped in to get this little baby out when I realized it was a baby boy. I was saddened at what I saw and it hurt me so much and made me just think of my children and I asked myself who would have the guts to do such an act? Very inhumane. I was also very angry and I reported the matter to the police,” said Nacanieli Bale.

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