Expect the city of Suva to be a sea of colors tomorrow morning for the historic PRIDE March.

A March to celebrate International Day Against Homo-phobia, Trans-phobia and Bi-phobia, globally commemorated on May 17 of every year.

The day aims to raise awareness of LGBTQI rights, and the discrimination that many LGBTQI  people throughout the world continue to experience.

Haus of Khameleon Founder -Sulique Waq a says:

“Now why Suva,  Suva is an important place in Fiji not just the capital but a lot of decisions happen here, such as the UN Secretary General who is currently in the capital city, but also more important is  this is where the 2 murders of the Transgender community that took place so creating that visibility and that public demand for protection and justice for the LGBTQI people, having it here in Suva is important for us”

However the issues of discrimination and violence is still a challenge in the LGBTQI Community.

Rainbow Pride Foundation-Founding Director-Isikeli Vulavou says:

“Most of the violence and discrimination faced as a community comes from a place of hate that are deeply fed with entrenched values it could be traditional, religious community and it could be from somewhere else and when we face this discrimination its often meted out by people with very deep feelings against the LGBTQI community”

This years Theme: Justice and Protection for All. Members of the Public are all welcome to attend. The March will begin at 8:30am from the Flea Market and end at Sukuna Park.

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