It was a sea of colors this morning as the LGBTQI community in Fiji came together for the Historic and Significant PRIDE March held in the heart of Suva City.

The International day against Homo-phobia, Trans-Phobia and Bi-Phobia falls globally on May 17 every year with this yeas Theme: Justice and Protection for All

Crowds from the various LGBTQI movement, civil society groups and stakeholders turned up for the event in Sukuna Park to show their support and solidarity for the event.

We need to show Respect if we want Respect says  Haus of Khameleon member-Leli Darling.

Amasai Jeke of Rainbow Pride Foundation Fiji hopes that justice will be served for their Trans members Lucky and Magnus  who were brutally murdered in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Transgender Advocate-Sulique Waqa says The Historic event has sent a clear message of Solidarity to all the various Stakeholders including the Government that we should come together to amplify the voices of the LGBTQI people.

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