The Chief Executive Officer of the Fiji Cancer Society, Belinda Chan and her team was at the Republic of Fiji Military Force (RFMF) Headquarters at Berkley Crescent to conduct prostate cancer check for soldiers 45 years and above.

Chan said the aim of the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test was to examine the level of fluid in the prostate whether it is low or high as early detection could be cured through the medical services available. “With the blood sample test, the outcome will either determine further screening or be given a treatment plan available if the test result is at an early stage. It is always good to go through screening because prevention is better than cure. Majority of male patients that turn up have reached the end of stage and chances of survival is very slim, “she said.

Colonel (Col) Pacolo Luveni said it was through the initiative of Commander RFMF that the tests have been conducted. “More screening will be conducted as Commander RFMF Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto wants all soldiers above the age of 45 years to be tested. Commander RFMF has always stated that your wealth is your health, “said Col Luveni.

Rear Admiral Naupoto was pleased with the cancer society that the prostate Specific Antigen test have eventually started in the RFMF and senior staff officers have been screened.

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