Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (CRFMF) told graduates to exemplify an image that any military requires at the graduation parade at Nadi.

Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto who was the Chief Guest at the Junior Non Commissioned Officer’s Promotional Course graduation parade stated that it was important for graduates to demonstrate skills that any military requires. “I recap you all the importance of leadership level in the next few years on your career that you will witness a lot of emphasis on small unit leadership to build a very important skill that any military requires.

Two keys words as a takeaway for all participants, one is identity and the other one is perception.

Identity is what you made yourself to be or what you created in you is yourself and perception is you in the eyes of others, you didn’t create it but others will look at you, see how you behave, how you work, your character of how you talk, how you interact and now in most cases the identity we think about our self is different of what people think of us.” he said. CRFMF also reminded the graduates that everyone has a personal basket in life.

He added that the lessons learnt from training and courses where knowledge, skills and ideas are shared during trainee’s constructive interactions must be filled in their personal basket as it contributes to the shaping of an effective junior leader for the RFMF.

The graduates successfully completed the 11 weeks course where they encountered exhausting and energetic activities involving junior leadership exercises of physical and theoretical aspects of the course.

The graduates were trained to undertake various Junior Non-Commissioned Officer’s responsibilities that deals with their level of operational tasking.

The occasion which was held at the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji’ park ended with a morning tea and followed by a lunch with the chief guest, family and friends of graduates.

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