The Fijian government has introduced a new bill called the ‘Climate Change Bill 2019’.

With many scientists calling it the biggest threat to humanity, Climate Change has created waves of global discussions as activists, victims and critics alike convene annually to discuss the possibility of securing a future where man kind no longer need to compromise for our existence.

Part 2 of the bill states that when passed as an Act, the Act recognizes that Fiji, the Pacific Region and the Earth are facing a climate emergency that requires a rapid and ambitious transformation towards a net zero emissions global economy.

The purpose of this Act is to set out a detailed framework to address the climate emergency.

Section 4(i) dictates that the objective of the Act is to enhance government transparency and enable informed private and civil sector decision-making and risk management through the establishment of data management systems and the publicly accessible Information Platform that contain data relating to Fiji’s greenhouse gas emissions, climate change projections and vulnerability;

The bill is also encouraging public and private investment in renewable energy and efficient co-generation technologies, energy efficient infrastructure and zero-waste infrastructure and processes.

The bill also defines “Sustainable development” as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and includes achieving the principles of sustainable development.

The government is also inviting suggestions on the bill from the public to assist them in the fight to protect Fijian coastal villages.


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