Goundar Shipping Limited-Managing Director-George Goundar says if nothing progresses by the end of this month then they have no option but to start laying off their staff.
Goundar says his still hopeful for a Positive result to eventuate as the traveling public have suffered the most from this.

He says since the non-operation of their vessels last Monday, they have incurred a huge loss with payments of insurance, Port dues, MSAF and Environmental Dues. Goundar has also confirmed he is in the process of selling two of his vessels.

MSAF officers were on board the  Goundar Vessels today and they have identified some key areas that need to be rectified by the Shipping Company.

Since last week Monday, all Goundar Shipping Vessels have been Non-Operational for not complying with the Safety Ship Management Regulation 2014.

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