National Fire Authority (NFA) attended to a fire emergency call at the MHCC building in Central Suva earlier this afternoon.

At 7.15pm, the Suva Fire Station was alerted through its Fire Monitoring Alarm system of a fire emergency at the MHCC building and immediately responded.

Upon arrival at 7.19pm the Fire team saw heavy smoke emitting from the ground floor of the MHCC building.   With the assistance of MHCC technical staff, the Fire Team quickly established the origin of the incident which was located in a unit in the car park area on Level 1 of the MHCC building.

The Fire Team found that the centralized air conditioning system motor located in one of the units on Level 1 had overheated and caught fire.  The fire triggered the fire sprinkler system that was installed in that room which quickly snuffed out the fire before it could cause any further damage.  The smoke created during the course of the incident escaped through the centralized air conditioning system vents, triggering off the Fire Alarm at the Suva Fire Station Control Room.

CEO Manasa Lesuma was glad that the building’s fire protection system effectively activated during the incident and prevented what could have been a major catastrophe.  “The fact that the MHCC building was connected to NFA’s Fire Alarm Monitoring System enabled our firefighters to respond quickly to the incident.”

He also said that this was a good example of how an effective fire protection system and quick alert through the Fire Alarm Monitoring System with the National Fire Authority can help in the prevention or early mitigation of fire incidents.

NFA will be conducting its investigations to determine the cause of the fire.


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