The German research vessel RV SONNE that currently implements scientific cruises in the Pacific berthed at the port of Suva yesterday.

Commissioned in 2014 – RV SONNE is considered one of the most modern multi-functional science vessels in the world and the new flagship of the German scientific fleet regularly conducts research cruises in the South Pacific.

The high-tech multi-disciplinary research vessel is equipped to cover a wide spectrum of ocean research like marine physics, geophysics, geology, chemistry, biogeochemistry and meteorology.

A high-level reception was held on board the RV Sonne.

German Ambassador – Ger-hard Thie-de-mann welcomed the guests with open arms.

German scientist Karsten Haase – provided a brief on the previous outcomes, aspects and highlights of the sphere of research cruise and an insight into deep-sea volcanological processes and associated ecosystems in the waters of Tonga.

Climate Change Advisor of German Development Cooperation – Hanna Sabass, concluded the event with a presentation about the German collaboration with Pacific Island Countries on ocean governance and conservation of marine biodiversity.

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