The burden of transporting produce from farms on Gau Island has been made easier for farmers on the island.

This follows the recent ferrying of 32 horses across to Gau by the Ministry of Agriculture to assist farmers to transport their produce from their farms after harvesting.

The initiative, funded under the Agriculture Extension Services Program of the Ministry with the total funding of Thirty two thousand dollars is part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Rural Millionaire Concept for Gau Island.

Principal Agriculture Officer Epeli Dugucagi says the assistance would contribute significantly to the development of Gau farmers.

The 32 horses for Gau include 16 stallions and 16 mares and were distributed in pairs, 1 male and 1 female to the 16 villagers on Gau to help ease the issue of transporting farmers’ harvests.

Farmers on the island were also informed about the proper handling of horses as it would be a shared responsibility among st farmers.

Further training on proper horse handling will be facilitated for Gau farmers by the Ministry of Agriculture, from which an initial assessment on the animals’ performance will be determined.

The farming assistance was received with much appreciation from farmers and villagers of Gau Island with a traditional ceremony of ‘cere’ being performed to welcome the 32 horses at Somosomo Village.

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