The alarming deaths of women over the past few months has once again sent shocked waves in our community.

After three Decades of working in the Area of Domestic Violence against Women in the Country and in the Pacific Region.

Fiji Women’s Crisis Center-Co-ordinator-Shamima Ali is once again concerned on the rise in the recent Domestic Violence cases that are now hitting the extreme and leading to death.

According to the Fiji Women’s Crisis Center 2013 Research, in Fiji, 72% of women experience one or more types of either physical, sexual or emotional violence in their lifetime from their husbands or partners.

So far, 8 Women have lost their lives in the past few months  in the Country due to Gender-Based violence where the perpetrators were all men.

Ali says as a community we should not accept this kind of behavior, its not just a one-off  that somebody gets angry and then stabs his wife to death after an argument. Its on-going its 17, 20, and 10 years of Violence.

“It’s more shocking that many young women are losing their  lives and so many young men are behaving badly, So its a history of domestic violence and we should, all of us when Domestic Violence happens we must intervene, we must not be mere bystanders, there’s really a need for us to get involved as Bystander Action is very important”

The Fiji Women’s Crisis Center has recorded 295 Cases from January to June this year and Ali says these Statistics will keep increasing. Fiji has one of the Highest Rate of Intimate Partner Violence in the World.

Ali says progress has been made but however we need to address the missing Gaps on the Issue and the importance of all Stakeholders working together on the issue.

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