Commodity officers of the Ministry of Agriculture who specialize in each agricultural commodity have been told to ensure their technical knowledge impacts the framework for agriculture expansion and further development of the sector.
This was reiterated by the Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment, Dr. Mahendra Reddy while meeting with technical staff from the three technical divisions within the Ministry of Agriculture at its Legalega Research Station in Nadi.
During the two day workshop, commodity officers presented strategies on each crop and livestock to increase production of respective commodities in the country to meet supply and demand.
“I want you to take ownership of the specific agricultural commodity, be it livestock and crop production, because this is your area of expertise and you’re responsible for impacting it to ensure agriculture expansion.
“I want us to move the sector, and in this very limited time span, we need to show visible signs on the ground of what you specialise in,” he said.
“You have been chosen to lead these particular commodities. You should clearly indicate how you will take the sector forward, what frameworks will you develop in that particular area to ensure we deliver our services and realize its results, the onus is on you to deliver,” added Hon. Reddy.
Teams have been chosen to work on different commodities on Crop Extension, Crop Research, and Animal Health and Production Services whereby they will work collaboratively on their specialised Agriculture commodity.
Presentations on strategies on Beef, Rice, Goat, Sheep, Extension Services and Research Services were delivered by each commodity officer to drive the sector and increase production for local and export markets.  
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