Rumors circulating on social media that about 400 Employees contracted under Fulton Hogan Hiways may loose their job has been clarified by Fiji Roads Authority CEO-Jonathan Moore this afternoon.

In an Exclusive Interview with Fiji One-Moore has clarified this workers will be reemployed and absorbed under the new Contractors that have taken over from Fulton Hogan in the Central and Northern Division.

The decision to replace Fulton Hogan Hiways was solely based on their Mission to get the Best Value.

Moore has cleared the air on the future of about 400 Employees contracted under Fulton Hogan Hiways.

“With regards to the 400 staff who will be loosing their jobs, they maybe loosing their jobs with Fulton Hogan, its Fulton Hogan’s decision whether Fulton Hogan stays in Fiji is not ours. They  can still tender for work, they can still keep people working with them, but the destiny of those workers displaced with Fulton Hogan is between ourselves and the new contractors”

He clarified on why Fulton Hogan Hiways was replaced.

“Fulton Hogan were the maintenance contractors for the central and the Northern division. Both of those contracts were re-tendered so Fulton Hogan served their time in fact each contract was extended but they served their time and we were in the position to re-tender the work and our mission is to get the Best Value”

Moore also confirmed on the new tenders in the Northern Divison has been taken over by 2 local Contractors Fairdeal Fiji and RPA Group Fiji. And in the Central Division it has been tendered to China Railway Fifth group.

Moore has reassured once again the destiny of these displaced workers will be between FRA and the new contractors taking over.

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