Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources- Ashneel Sudhakar has labelled the 2019-2020 National Budget an Intelligent and Good Budget.
The Ministry of  Lands and Mineral Resources received a Total allocation of $29.6 Million.

“It’s a smart, intelligent, good budget as you can see a lot of incentives there, a lot of cost cutting which is a good thing, it makes the ministry more responsible as you know the lands ministries is one of the ministries that’s got a lot of revenue generating capacity in terms of leases, license and other number of permits that we issue, in my opinion it’s a good budget”

Sudhakar says their areas of focus will be on implementing stricter policies on saving the environment and its resources.
“The ministry of economy has announced that the next given opportunity bringing in some legislation which will make the people who invest in the country, the investors more responsible so that all the laws that we have are more environment friendly and there’s no abuse or damage of resources. So the lands ministry is very happy with this laws in fact what has been happening recently that we will make more stringent policies to save our environment and our resources”




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