The Fiji Labour Party has announced 17 provisional candidates, for the 2018 General Elections.

The Party also launched their social media package.

The announcement and introduction of the 17 candidates was an exciting one for FLP as they introduced the proposed people from all backgrounds gunning for a seat in parliment .

The Fiji Labour Party have twice been in government from 1987 and 1999.

In the 2014 general elections the party failed to win a seat as they did not cross the 5% threshold needed for a party to qualify for parliament.

The Leader and Secretary General for FLP Mahendra Chaudhry whilst making the announcement says that the party has always stood by its belief in their selection of candidates.

” So whenever we look at our candidates we want a mixture, not just people who got money,……………….. but people who are really prepared to serve”.

Also a candidate and the man dubbed to lead the team of candidates for the national elections Lautoka Lawyer and human rights activist Aman Ravindra Singh echoed the same sentiments.


” We have a very good mix up candidates, we have women we have youths we have experienced people also who are part of the line up for the labor party, we are very excited to have amazing people put up their hands and say that we want to be a part of the change that the labor party is campaigning for”.

Aside from the the experienced familiar faces like Lavinia Padarath who are part of the line up, Singh says that its encouraging to see some candidates stepping up for the first time.


” Its also good to see many new faces but the bottom line is that we have a mixture of people young and old and those in the middle, and this is what we are able to offer Fiji and the important part os we also have people with experience”.

The provisional candidates include lawyer Aman Ravindra Singh, former Labour MPs Lavinia Padarath, Monica Raghwan and Surendra Lal, unionist Mikaele Mataka, Ronil Lalit Singh, Taina Rokotabua, Jone Cirinakaumoli, Anjila Badlu, Ranil Chand, Apolosi Ranawai Lasei, Fane Kacimaiwai, Rupeni Nauci, Avi Chaudhry, Ulaiasi Tuikoro, Mohammed Salim, Aropiame Cavalevu and Narendra Singh.

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