FIFTEEN more Fulton Hogan Hiways (FHH) employees now have the first aid knowledge and ability to assist at an accident or to respond to someone during a medical emergency.

This has been made possible after the employees went through two days of first aid training conducted by Chief Executive Officer of Handy Training Fiji, Andrew Eames, at the FHH Samabula depot last week.

Korovou Depot Supervisor, Suliasi Lesianavanua, who was a participant, said they had learnt that injuries or accidents could happen anywhere, anytime, and what’s important is what people could do to help before the medical team arrived. 

 “We covered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), soft tissue injuries, fractures and dislocations, strapping and basic immobilisation of limbs, infections, injuries from sharp objects, post-traumatic incident stress, basic and arterial bleeding, handling shock and respiratory conditions that could be caused through choking, drowning, hyperventilation or swelling of any vessel or muscles around the throat area.” Lesianavanua said.

FHH Health and Safety Manager, John Tinsley, said FHH adopted a philosophy of ‘living safely’ and promoted safety as being just as important outside of work as it is in the workplace.

“First aid is considered a key life skill. This skill is particularly important in Fiji as many people live in areas where there is limited access to medical facilities or for emergency response.

 “The management team made a commitment that in 2018 we would continue to train all of our full-time employees in first aid and give them the capacity to save lives wherever they may be. To date, we have provided the training to over 400 employees.

“On August 17, last year, Fulton Hogan Hiways Joint Venture Foreman, Meli Kapaiwai proved how valuable this skill is when he went to the aid of a drowning victim, Ratu Ritova, not only did Meli resuscitate the victim utilising first aid training he had recently received, he remained with him until he was in the hospital emergency care.

In saving Ratu Ritova’s life, he fully justified our decision to give this critical skill to our employees and proved just how important this training is,” Tinsley said.


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