An afternoon fire in Salim Street, Nakasi has completely destroyed a 3 bedroom house of a 34 -year -old woman yesterday.

Police Cheif of Operations-ACP Maretino Qiolevu said investigation is continuing in this case.

The Police is working alongside the National Fire Authority who are conducting their own seprate investigation to this case.

How the fire started is yet to be determined as the house was empty and the owner went to visit her relatives.

The cost of damage to the house is estimated to be at Ninety Thousand Dollars.

In regards to the Fire at Saweni Feeder Road, Lautoka which claimed the life of a 70- year-old women on Monday.

Qiolevu said this case is been treated seriously as it has taken a Life of a person, as investigation has intensified for this case.

The deceased was trapped inside the house whilst the fire started as she was a stroke patient.

The flames has destroyed a 10 bedroom house with 3 flats made up of concrete and corrugated property of a taxi driver hence value yet to be ascertain.

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