Communities across Japan are set to experience the unique aspect of hosting Rugby World Cup 2019 teams following the announcement of the tournament’s finalised list of team camps.

Communities across Japan are set to experience the unique aspect of hosting Rugby World Cup 2019 teams following the announcement of the tournament’s finalised list of team camps. The 55 training and accommodation facilities will provide the optimum base from which teams can prepare for their pool matches and knockout stages.

Team camp selection began in 2016 after more than 90 cities and prefectures across Japan applied. Following a rigorous and comprehensive selection and inspection process, the final list was reduced to include the most suitable and convenient locations for teams and the tournament.

Every Rugby World Cup 2019 team camp will consist of an outdoor and indoor training venue, a swimming pool, gym and accommodation and will be utilised by the teams during and in the run-up to the tournament, which starts on 20 September. Camps comprise of both out-of-city options and match city options, with all match city options no more than 45 mins away from the match venue.

World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont said: “Team camps are an integral aspect of Rugby World Cup in terms of giving teams the very best platform from which to prepare for matches. However just as important is the opportunity it gives teams to get out and connect with people and communities throughout the host country, in a fashion very similar to the rugby tours of days gone by. This is such an integral cultural aspect of any Rugby World Cup and is one of the highlights for any player fortunate enough to represent their country at the sport’s pinnacle event.”

Akira Shimazu, Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee CEO, said: “Having just passed 200 days to go until Rugby World Cup kicks off on 20 September, we have reached yet another major milestone in finalising all team camp venues. Team camps will be a home away from home for players and staff and will give them the opportunity to experience some amazing parts of Japan they might never otherwise have the chance to experience. The spirit of hospitality and friendship that will be extended by the local people to visiting teams will surely lead to long lasting bonds of friendship.”

Rugby World Cup 2019 will be the first time the tournament will be held in Asia. More than 400,000 international visitors are anticipated to travel to Japan to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

With 48 matches played across 12 host cities stretching from the northern island of Hokkaido to the southern island of Kyushu, visiting fans will get to experience the amazing regional diversity Japan has to offer while being a part of the world’s premier rugby tournament.

Demand for tickets across the 2018 ballot phases and during first-come-first-served sales that kicked off in January has been extraordinary, with more that five million ticket applications received. Tickets, although limited, are still available and are currently on sale via

Limited quantities of additional Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets will be periodically made available for sale across 2019 as new ticket inventory becomes available. These tickets will be a mixture of seats released from ongoing venue planning and configuration, handbacks from the tournament’s commercial programme and unions, and tickets that have been registered for official resale by fans who can no longer attend matches. All future ticket sales opportunities will be announced in advance, while further details on the Rugby World Cup 2019 Official Resale site will be provided in late-March 2019.

Fans are also reminded to check out the Official Supporter Tour and Hospitality programmes, which have also been experiencing significant demand with unprecedented demand for ticket- inclusive travel packages experienced by official travel agents and significant hospitality interest with the prestigious Webb Ellis Suite and private suites already sold out. Further details can be found via and

When purchasing tickets, fans will be able to opt-in and donate to the ChildFund Pass It Back programme. In partnership with World Rugby’s Impact Beyond programme, Pass It Back inspires positive social change through the delivery of an integrated life-skills and non-contact tag rugby curriculum, educating children and young people in areas of leadership, problem- solving, gender equality, conflict resolution and life preparation. For more details visit

With such exceptional demand for tickets, fans are being urged to buy exclusively from official channels to avoid being let down. For more details visit

Mastercard is an official partner and the preferred payment card of Rugby World Cup 2019 and will be offering fans a range of Priceless experiences around RWC 2019.

Final team camp selection

A Ireland  Ichihara City, Yokohama City, Kakegawa City/Iwata City, Kobe City, Kasuga City
Scotland  Tokyo Metropolitan Government A, Yokohama City, Hamamatsu City, Kobe City/Hyogo Pref., Nagasaki Pref./Nagasaki City
Japan  Tokyo Metropolitan Government B, Tokyo Metropolitan Government C, Hamamatsu City
Russia  Saitama City, Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City A, Musashino City, Ebina City, Kakegawa City/Iwata City, Awaji City/Hyogo Pref.
Samoa  Yamagata Pref./Yamagata City/Tendo City, Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, Nagoya City, Awaji City/Hyogo Pref., Fukuoka Pref./Fukuoka City
B New Zealand  Urayasu City, Tokyo Metropolitan Government C, Ichinomiya City, Beppu City
South Africa  Urayasu City, Omaezaki City, Ichinomiya City, Kobe City,Kagoshima City
Italy  Shizuoka City, Toyota City, Sakai City, Fukuoka Pref./Fukuoka City
Namibia  Iwate Pref./Miyako City, Morioka City, Machida City, Toyota City, Osaka Pref./Higashi Osaka City, Wakayama Pref./Kamitonda Town
Canada  Iwate Pref./Kamaishi City, Kobe City/Hyogo Pref., Nagato City, Kasuga City, Oita Pref./Beppu City
C England  Sapporo City A, Fuchu City, Tokyo Metropolitan Government C, Kobe City, Miyazaki Pref./Miyazaki City
France  Fuchu City, Tokyo Metropolitan Government A, Fujiyoshida City/Fujikawaguchiko Town, Kasuga City*, Kumamoto Pref./Kumamoto City A
Argentina  Fukushima Pref., Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City A, Tokyo Metropolitan Government B, Osaka Pref./Higashi Osaka City
USA  Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, Sakai City, Fukuoka Pref./Fukuoka City, Yomitan Village
Tonga  Sapporo City B, Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, Osaka Pref./Higashi Osaka City, Sakai City, Nagasaki Pref./Shimabara City, Kumamoto Pref./Kumamoto City B
D Australia  Hokkaido Pref./Ebetsu City, Urayasu City, Tokyo Metropolitan Government B, Tokyo Metropolitan Government C, Odawara City, Kakegawa City/Iwata City, Beppu City
Wales  Tokyo Metropolitan Government B, Toyota City, Otsu City, Kitakyushu City, Kumamoto Pref./Kumamoto City A, Beppu City
Georgia  Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, Omaezaki City, Nagoya City, Sakai City
Fiji  Sapporo City C, Abashiri City, Iwate Pref./Miyako City, Otsu City, Osaka Pref./ Higashi Osaka City, Oita City
Uruguay  Iwate Pref./Kamaishi City, Kitakami City, Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City A, Kumamoto Pref./Kumamoto City B, Oita City

(Source:World Rugby)

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