Based on the current official results and if these percentages remain, FijiFirst is expected to get 26 parliamentary seats and form government.

SODELPA is in second place on the official tally with 157,046 votes.

They have received 39.77 percent of the total votes inputted in the official tally.

If the current percentage of votes remain for SODELPA, they will get 21 parliamentary seats.

The National Federation Party has 29,197 votes. That is 7.39 percent of the votes.

If the current percentage of votes remain for NFP, they will get 4 parliamentary seats.

Meanwhile according to the official results released so far, Unity Fiji has 5,941 votes, HOPE has 2,474 votes while the Fiji Labour Party has 2,469 votes.

The three parties have not made the 5 percent threshold to get parliamentary seats.

Results from 273 counting stations remain to be entered on the official tally.

Stay with us as we continue to bring you the latest results.

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