Fijians need to work together for a better future for the future generations.

This was the message from the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama while opening the Ra Provincial Council Meeting at Nukuloa, Ra yesterday.

He noted key provisions and policies brought by Government to ensure that no Fijians are left behind in the development of the country highlighting the education sector to play a key role.

The beating heart of Fijian society is the institution of family in Fiji.

As the benefits of the new Budget comes into effect, the Prime Minister says that under his Government’s leadership they have done a lot…..

“We’ve grown the economy for nine straight years, we’ve grown the number of jobs, bringing unemployment down to a 20-year low, and we’ve massively grown our networks of infrastructure, delivering a decade of new development for Fijians everywhere. But as we’re welcoming all of this new prosperity, as we’re putting new technology in the hands of our people and opening up new services, we as a society need to grow as well. We need to hold each other to a higher moral standard. We need to set higher expectations for every Fijian. “

Bainimarama adds that nowadays Fijians lack values, they lack of common decency, accountability and responsibility for one’s own behavior and for the safety of others.

“That’s why I say that this week, as this latest budget rolls out, is so important. Because while we learn values from our friends and in the workplace, values are instilled best by our families.
And it is strong families that nurture strong Fijian citizens. When parents or guardians who can put food on the table, put a roof over their heads, work hard and be rewarded, they set an example for their children, our next generation. And that makes for a better, safer and stronger Fijian society.”

He adds Government is dedicated to ensuring that the future generation of Fiji have a solid foundation from the very beginning of their lives.

“That’s why, as of yesterday, low-income mothers of newborn Fijian babies have, for the first time in history, become eligible for our Parenthood Assistance Payment — a $1,000 grant that is paid into a new bank account for the child in two installments, $500 upon their birth, and $500 once they enrol in Year 1. And the bank accounts that are opened for the child will be free of any fees, helping to create a culture of financial responsibility and encouraging savings from the day the child is born.”

Bainimarama has reassured the people of Ra that Government has rolled out a series of programmes that will assist thousands of Fijian families with purchasing homes and leases for the first time.


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