The recruitment of women into a male dominated ‘turf’, such as the Fiji Navy is a welcomed one.

Fijian Navy Commander – Captain Humphrey Tawake, refereed to the inclusion of women into the force, as “Adding Flavor” to the workforce.

Captain Tawake says that the Fiji Navy welcomes the recruitment of women as they believe in equal opportunities and gender equality.

He says that they are mirroring the stance their counterparts the Fiji Military is doing.

‘The RFMF our counterparts from QEB has had that since 20 year. we have just introduced that into the navy now on a larger scale slowly introducing females, they bring a different atmosphere in the workforce they are very talented, very detailed, and very articulate, They are fitting in well,’ said Fijian Navy Commander – Captain Humphrey Tawake.

Captain Tawake says that the recent women recruits and many more to come in the future might be a challenge in terms of going out to sea.

‘Most of us have worked and we have our own families, it is not different, but i think its just the challenges of going out to sea which we have not made a decision on but that will be at a later stage, when we start sending them out to sea.’

For now the women are doing any other normal duties as their fellow officers are, and doing it happily.

‘But as for now women are currently allocated to shore duties such as communicators, store-men,cooks,clerks,technicians and engineers in the workshops, and they are enjoying themselves no one has complained for the past 3 months so its all good.’

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