Fiji, as a member country, participated at the Special Session of the Conference of State Parities for the Chemical Weapons Convention at the Hague in Netherlands. 
The three day special session convened from June 26th-28th, 2018 by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons following a request by the United Kingdom with the support of 11 other countries to hold this session.
The OPCW is an intergovernmental body that was established to implement the Chemical Weapons Convention which Fiji is a member of. 
The special session was aimed at reinforcing global norms against chemical weapons and advocates for practical steps to address chemical weapons use and strengthen compliance.  
Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Defence and National Security, Osea Cawaru headed the Fijian delegation to this Conference and he was supported by Taniela Gavidi of the Fiji Embassy in Brussels and Silina Navoka.
Cawaru highlighted the significance of this session consistent to Fiji’s global contribution to peace and security. 
“We stand by the OPCW in its pursuit to protect and assist persons and countries against chemical weapons. Fiji’s position is also aligned closely to our foreign policy to combat international terrorism and to contribute confidently to global peace and security,” he said. 
“Our own commitment is consistent with Fiji’s peacekeeping duties and we want to reaffirm to the international community that will support all efforts to bring about peaceful resolutions in resolving conflicts. 
The special session had also been called following the recent deployment of chemical attacks in Syria and the poisoning incident of a Russian national in Salisbury in the United Kingdom.
The United Kingdom presented a paper urging OPCW members to vote in support of empowering the OPCW in widening and strengthening efforts to prohibit the use of chemical weapons and realizing the aspirations of the Convention in ensuring we live in world free of chemical weapons.


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