Fiji Football Association is now fully integrated with FIFA Connect system which means all the players playing football in Fiji are now getting unique FIFA ID which will be used universally as football identity of all players.

Fiji FA competitions manager Amitesh Pal said the FIFA Connect ID Service was assigned as a globally valid unique identifier (the FIFA Connect ID) to players, referees, coaches, and officials above the age of 10 registered by FIFA’s Member Associations.

“It provides a digital footprint or 360-degree view on the life cycle of a person within football as well as statistical insights into football participation in general, “said Pal

Pal said Fiji FA player license numbers that they had so far all players’ identity would now be recognised with FIFA ID which will be provided to the districts upon submission of all the active club details.

“Players registered so far in Comet (those playing official Fiji FA competitions) have been allocated FIFA ID and we are still waiting for the club details from districts which was due in April whereby their registrations can be integrated with Comet and FIFA Connect.”

Pal said it was now compulsory for all the clubs to update them on their active club and players of local league.
“All our registrations are on Comet platform which means all the competitions will also be done through Comet and districts not providing details, then their competitions will not be recorgnised and further they will not be able to participate in Fiji FA competition e.g. The nominations for NCC will not be accepted if the clubs are not in Comet, “Pal added

“The Fiji FA player registration numbers will not be a valid method of player identity recognition and all affiliated districts are urged to use FIFA ID for players identity in any form from now on wards. Those who have access to Comet can get the FIFA ID by going to the player registration platform for the particular player and we will provide the FIFA ID to those not in access to Comet.”

“It is very important for all to align your associations with the above requirements as we will are process of introducing club licensing towards end of the year for which the player’s registration and Comet operations will be a mandatory component “said Pal

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