The Fiji Football Association will be looking at hiring a coach who will be able to carry Gamel’s philosophy.

Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel said they would consider a coach from the European continent.

Current Fiji coach Christophe Gamel has step down due to family commitments and will officially leave Fiji at the at the end of the month.

“We will have to get someone who can carry on the work started by Gamel in changing the face of Fijian football, “said Patel

“We will advertise, we need an overseas coach at the current moment from where he has left off. As I said we need a coach from Europe, which is better in that continent with the type of play and the philosophy and the game set up and the pattern he has been playing.

Patel said that would be something that will suit for the continuity and everything.

“If we go into any other continent and see the game and the pattern of play, everything is different from the coaching they do. And even to England or the English side, its a little bit kick and chase.

“Here it is much more on the ground and that’s why you see different game played by coaches from Europe continent than other coaches.”

Gamel will be assisting the Fiji Under-19 women’s and the men’s Olympic teams until the end of the month.

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