Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during the ‘High Level Segment’ of the 40th Session of the ‘Human Rights Council’ in Geneva, Switzerland this week, says that Fiji is ready to carry out the work of expected us in terms of building on human rights for all.

Bainimarama shared with the council that many of the challenges the nation had over come were unique to our country.

Bainimarama says that Fiji while being guided and united by the promise of the 2013 Constitution,is not the only nation that has had to reckon with colonial history before working to create a society that better respects the human rights of all people.

we are no stranger to the systematic inequities that can snuff out efforts to en grain a culture of human rights protections before they can ever take form.In our case we had inherited laws and systems which were inherently at odds with the human dignity of thousands of our rightful citizens.

Bainimarama further stated that the basic building blocks that was to promote a culture of human rights were back then weak and broke down because of political and economical upheavals.

There was no building a better Fiji on such a tenuous foundation. We needed a dramatic rethinking of who we are as a country and a bold new vision of what Fiji could become. That dream that ambition and that commitment gave birth to the 2013 Fijian Constitution which established a common national identity amongst out people and enshrined a vast area of rights guaranteed to all our Fijians for all time.

He says that today our nation and the citizens of Fiji stand amongst the most profound examples in the world of the power of the universal declaration of human right to inspire and motivate people across boarders. He also highlighted Fiji’s general elections that was part of the 2013 constitution.

Under our constitution Mr President we have just held our second genuine parliamentary election as as per the will of our people i am now the twice democratically elected Fijian minister. An elections deemed credible and free by the international community. I don’t laud that as a personal victory but as victory for the health of our fat maturing democracy, and lets not forget that while Fiji is younger then most…..

Fiji is the first Pacific island nation to be elected, to the Human Rights Council.


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