Conservation needs to be more than just being busy or feeling that we are having an impact.

Those were sentiments echoed by many of the regional presenters at day one of the conservation of sea turtles within the cultural context of Oceania workshop today in Suva.

Conservation of sea turtles is an issue that has brought regional stakeholders together at day one of the regional workshop.

Deliberations on how the different countries are addressing the issue on conservation was the main focus today.

Among this was the giving of an award to the Fijian government for their outstanding effort in sea turtles conservation.

Receiving the award on behalf of government was the Director of Fisheries Aisake Batibasaga, who says that this is an important indication of Fiji’s commitment to the work of conservation.

I think the award is simply a recognition from IUCN who is a working group on the management of conservation of the sea turtles for the Oceania region, recognizing Fiji’s initiative for being proactive and moving forward with active conservation and pro active management of our sea turtle population. in Fiji.

Batibasaga says that the national workshop that was held earlier on in the week, saw all local representations from all sectors come up with ways, ideas as well as suggestions on more ways to conserve in order to populate our oceans with sea turtles.

Some of them will also be presenting for the next two and a half days, our stories and what we are doing here in Fiji will eb shared with the regional team here.
Conservation Biologist – George Balaz

Retired conservation Biologist from Hawaii who is no stranger to Fiji and also chair for today’s regional workshop George Balaz says that Fiji being a recipient of the award speaks volume of their devotion.

Fiji is an incredibly important for the green turtles or your vonu, the turtles from all across the pacific come to Fiji area to feed on your sea grasses on your algae and are stewards for many of the turtles in the pacific The people of Fiji need to be involved in their conservation and their sustainable use.

The work shop continues tomorrow focusing on cultural and traditional stewardship of turtle resources and will see deliberations from Papua New Guinea Vanuatu and Fiji.

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