With safety as the paramount priority in Fulton Hogan Hiways, the company has been committed to upgrading its subcontractors, according to FHH Manager Health and Safety John Tinsley.

Subcontractors’ employees that are working with FHH are expected to go through the FHH basic safety training, which highlights the importance of safety and the proper PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) for the different sites.

“Subcontractors are an essential part of our work, who often work side by side with our employees. For the safety of our employees and to meet quality requirements, their standard must be very high,” said Tinsley.

 “Vehicles and plant that belong to subcontractors go through a mechanical check up by the FHH workshop team and the FHH legal load measurements are certified by department managers,” he said.

Once subcontractors have passed, they are then certified and are issued stickers to confirm that they have gone through the FHH certified safe process.

“Non-complying subcontractor personal and plant are removed from the worksite. For repeat issues, the subcontractor personnel and plant will be removed from the approved suppliers list,” said Tinsley.

More than 100 subcontractors and service providers are working along side FHH from time to time.

Rakesh Jattan, Managing Director of Paradise Digging Services Ltd, said “We have been working with FHH ever since they started work in the North and so far I haven’t had any injuries or accidents in my company, thanks to Fulton Hogan Hiways.

“ My company has grown a lot and I have made it my business to implement safety in my company. Through safety, my boys are disciplined and the site is well respected by the public.”


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