Minister for Local Government-Premila Kumar has reiterated the need for a change in the various Festivals  run in the various Municipalities in the country.

She says the standard of certain Festivals has gone down over the years, as a way forward the first-ever Township Festival Meeting was held in Nadi last week addressing various issues and challenges faced by the committee members.

“What we need to see is a lot more creativity, we have seen over the years the quality of Festivals have really gone down and even the food that’s been served, its same old same old and the question is how we can change that so that we can have more interests and people can look forward to it”

Kumar says it needs more Creativity bringing in youths and changing the  Programs and organizers need to come with new ideas.

The Hibiscus Festival coming under the spot-light.

She says the Hibiscus Festival is not well organized, with the last minute shifting of venues and lack of preparations and a loss of revenue for the Suva City Council who had given the Hibiscus Committee an office space to operate from.

She says the Festival Meeting is a way forward to having Regulation and Accountability for the Events that go through a  step by step process.

Kumar added they will work towards a Festival that is Paramount and one that not only people can look forward to but enjoy no matter where its held in Fiji.


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