The Fijian Elections Office will be operating 587 Pre-Poll Stations around the country at 582 Pre-Poll Polling Venues where 69,466 Voters are expected to cast their ballot.

Under Section 82 of the Electoral Act, the Fijian Elections Office will conduct pre-polling for voters in remote areas or locations where the number of voters suffice for the establishment of a Polling station.

Voters in outer islands, hard to reach locations, residents of nursing homes or healthcare facilities, members of disciplined forces and those under pre-trial detention are eligible to vote via pre-poll.

The Pre-poll Venue with the most number of voters is the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in the Central Division in Suva where 1,438 voters will cast their
vote at three stations.

The venue with the second highest number of voters is Tabwewa Community Hall located on Rabi Island in the Northern Division. At this venue 651 voters will cast their vote at two stations.

Sabata Community Hall in Navua, which falls under the Central Division, has the least number of voters with only 14 voters registered to cast their ballot.

While the 2014 pre-poll schedule was for two weeks, the schedule for the 2018 General Election has now been reduced to five days.

FEO teams will not return to any venue where pre-poll has already been conducted.

This means that if you do not vote at the polling place on the time allocated, we will not be allowing you to vote.

The FEO ensured that the National Candidates List, in terms of the Voter Instruction Booklet, was delivered to all pre-polling areas to allow voters in these areas to familiarize themselves with the National Candidates List and to know the number of the candidate they wish to vote for.

Voters are encouraged to go to their respective pre-polling venues, cast their ballot, and get their fingers marked and place their ballot paper inside the secret envelope which they will place inside the ballot box.

Ballot boxes will be under police guard at all times and every afternoon, after pre-polling has ended, these ballot boxes will be sealed and placed in a secure location.

If polling is conducted in the morning, the boxes will be sealed at the same venue and placed immediately under Police security.

These boxes once secured will then be transported to the secured facility in which we will store it until counting begins on the night of Elections.

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