The Fijian Elections Office is now conducting consultations with stakeholders to design a four year strategic plan for a cost-effective general elections that can constitutionally take place between the  9th of July 2022 to the  9th of January 2023.

The Fijian Elections Office through its operations managed to reduce the cost of election from $FJD29M in 2006 to $FJD23M in the 2018 general election.

Supervisor of elections Mohammed Saneem said the strategic plan spread out in the previous five year framework have been cost-effective and have eased the financial pressure on government.

He also said that they have been able to reduce the cost by having the Fijian Elections Office throughout the election cycle instead of operating only on election year.

Saneem added that the strategic procurement of ballot boxes years before the election have also given them the opportunity to bargain from vendors and purchase at a much lower cost.

The registration of eligible voters in schools used to be a major expense but the office have managed to control this with its annual voter registration drive.








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