The Fijian Elections Office has published the list of public areas that have been designated for the placement of campaign materials for the 2018 General Election.

The Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem said it was necessary to publish this list under Section 112 (3) of the Electoral Act to ensure that political parties and their representatives are able to plan their campaign activities particularly, the placement of campaign materials.

Saneem said that although the Election date has not yet been announced, we found that it was necessary to assist in the preparation for the elections for the political parties particularly.

He added that as such this approval under Section 112 would facilitate in the decision that the parties would make in terms of their planning where they would like to place campaign materials and the duration within which they have to place campaign materials.

Placing of campaign materials in public areas which are not designated would result in a breach of the Electoral Act. Campaign materials can be placed in any private premises subject to the approval of owner.

The campaign materials would have to be taken down 48 hours prior to the start of Polling on Election Day which is at 7.30am, two days before the Election Day.

In the event any other public place is intended for use, political parties are invited to consult the FEO for the approval process.

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