The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission held its first Public consultation in Suva today. The consultation is based on the proposed 17.27 per cent increase in Electricity Tariff by Energy Fiji Limited (EFL).

FCCC CEO Joel Abraham, says they have had mixed submissions from members of the public, who showed up at Suva’s Ratu Sukuna Park and encouraged everyone to come forth in sharing their views on the proposed increase by EFL.

Abraham thanked members of the public that have come up so far to give their submissions.

“There has been generally mixed submissions coming in, we had expected or anticipated that people will come in and say, “Oh we don’t want an increase, but it’s quite mixed,”Abraham says.

“A few have said that they don’t want an increase no matter what, some are saying that people can live with an increase, provided it’s not 17 per cent and maybe a bit less, there are others that are saying that we can take an increase provided if there are going to make investments into renewable energy.”

EFL CEO Hasmukh Patel, says the real reason for having a tariff review and tariff increase is to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of EFL.

Patel adds financial sustainability means that EFL should be able to execute all the Capital Projects they intend to develop to ensure they are able to meet the future demand of electricity for Fiji.

Meanwhile, Ilaitia Turagacava of Namosi, was at the public consultation today and made his submission. He says that the increase is good and that changes are good, but it has to come in one thing at a time.

The Public Consultations will also be held in the West and the Northern Division throughout this month.


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