The Fiji Bus Operators Association calls on the Consumer Council of Fiji chairman Raman Dahia to justify his statement that is critical of the Association’s request for a fare rise.

FBOA recognises that it is the Consumer Council’s role to defend the interests of consumers, however they are of the view that the council cannot in good faith criticise their request for a fare rise because so much has changed in the almost 10 years since the last rise was granted.

FBOA’s acting President Nisar Ali Shah says that as operators of bus services, they are unable to adjust their fares whenever the costs increase because they are heavily regulated.

In recent months, there have been reports from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank highlighting the fact that Fiji has a comparatively unique bus industry since it is operated by private companies.

The reports recognise the difficulties facing bus operators in Fiji and what would be required to keep the industry viable while modernising its operations.

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