Farmers in the Northern division can expect improved service delivery from the Ministry of Agriculture in the near future.
This was relayed by the Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment, Dr Mahendra Reddy during his recent visit to the Northern division.
“We need to build capacity as our research stations are doing a very good job, but we need to increase more and more so that there is enough supply for the farmers from our stations where we want to help the farmers to double their production levels from what they are currently producing now,” Reddy said.
“Some of the things farmers can expect from the Ministry of Agriculture in the near future is on better and improved service by the officers on the ground and we want to bring in change at the farm level,” he added.
Reddy also assured enhanced visibility of Ministry officials on the ground to provide continuous support and assistance to farmers.
“The farmers can expect or get geared up to adopt change, slowly, as it is for their betterment in the farming system and techniques.
Minister Reddy explained that the focus areas in the Northern Division would generally centre on the expansion and growth of the agricultural sector and food security.
“Apart from this we will also focus on the service delivery by the officers on the ground to the farmers in order to expand and develop the crop and livestock sector for the farmers,” he said.
Minister Reddy had also directed officials to take their roles and responsibilities seriously in serving farmers regardless of their locality while visiting Agriculture Stations in the North.
“I had briefly alluded to them about some of the new projects that might come up soon and for them to get prepared and work towards delivering those projects to the farmers soon after it is implemented,” he said.
“Services to farmers should be delivered regardless of locality and geographical locations, for instance, a farmer from Cakaudrove may visit the Labasa office, we will be assisting them here and not sending them back to Cakaudrove office like it was done in the past,” Reddy emphasized.


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