Faith-based schools around Fiji have the ability and freedom to impart teachings of faith alongside the school curriculum.

The Attorney-General and Minister for Education, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum made the statement while officiating at the World Harvest Centre Zone 38 Gala Dinner that was held at the Holiday Inn over the weekend.

“The Fijian Constitution is a good place to start off. The Fijian Constitution in Section 21 guarantees everybody’s right to be able to practise whichever religion whichever denomination you want to practice. It also gives under that particular section the ability of that particular Faith Group to set up schools through their respective religious organizations. That is a right that everybody has. It further goes on to say that those schools also have the ability to also impart the teachings of that particular faith that they have.”

He adds the Government recognises the contributions of faith-based organizations and community committees that have been made to the education sector in Fiji.

“Indeed Government very much recognises the contribution of Faith Based Organisations and what we call Community Committees made towards the Education Sector in Fiji. If we will take out all the Faith Based Organisations or to stop running the schools or the Community Committees to stop running the schools, we will have very few Government schools left. It is only through the work of these Faith Based Organisations that we have what we call a network education facilities throughout Fiji.”

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