Student leaders of Lagalaga Primary School and Kindergarten in rural Macuata have been urged to face adversity with courage.
Using the school pioneers as an example, the Assistant Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Hon. Alvick Maharaj said it was important that they take their cue from the very people that started the school.
“Just as our pioneers showed fortitude in overcoming the challenges of their time, you too as a leader will meet your fair share of challenges,” Mr Maharaj said.
“You will encounter obstacles and stumbling blocks along your journey of leadership, sometimes even failures.
“But do not let these obstacles and failures lead you to despair.  Take them as part of your learning journey, and improve yourself with each challenge.”
He also encouraged the students to be passionate about the things they do.
“Don’t do things simply for the sake of doing so, or just because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do,” Mr Maharaj said.
“Without understanding and believing in what you are doing, you will find the things that you are doing a chore.”
In an interview, Head Girl Mere Racoqe vowed she would heed the words and do her best in ensuring order in the school.
“I plan to help my teachers in instilling discipline in the students and ensure that they work hard.”
A total of 29 students were inducted today to lead their peers for this academic year.
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