The general public have been advised that they will see a lot of police presence in the next month on our roads as part of Operation Tatarovi 2.

This is mainly to clamp down on drivers who continue to disregard police advise.

The Police Force is also aware of the fact that there is a lot of negativity out there towards police operations.

“There’s even the existence of viber groups who are sharing the information when they pass a traffic officer on the highway they would alert the other road users on the viber group and say that there’s an officer here so they would slow down and after they pass the officer they would continue on with a very very fast speed which is a concern because they’re really not developing good road safety habits because you just gonna be following the road rules when you’re nearing a police officer and afterwards you continue to drive recklessly,” said Police spokesperson – Ana Naisoro.

Naisoro adds the recent accidents happening on our roads have attributed to drivers speeding after passing officers and that is an area they will try to work on during this operation.

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