Energy Fiji Limited has declared a dividend of $0.06 per share for the financial period ending 31st December 2018.

The dividend would be paid to shareholders through their nominated modes by Central Share Registry Pte Limited (CSRL) which undertakes registry services for EFL shareholders on behalf of the company.

Commenting on the dividend announcement, EFL Chief Executive Officer, Hasmukh Patel said “this is the first dividend declared by the company after the corporatisation process which was initiated in April 2018.

This means that all the EFL customers who have successfully applied for the free offer of non-voting shares by the Fijian Government would be entitled to this dividend payment.”

The total number of non-voting EFL shareholders who are entitled to this dividend payment is 36,764 shareholders.

In aggregate, there are a total of 16,038 subsidised customers holding a total of 4,009,500 shares amounting to $240,570 in dividends and a total of 20,726 non-subsidised customers holding a total of 3,108,900 shares amounting to $186,534 in dividends.

CSRL Chief Executive Officer, Krishika Narayan said “CSRL would be managing the EFL dividend payment for all non-voting shareholders which means that over the next few days, EFL shareholders should expect to receive their dividends into their nominated bank accounts or as a credit to their electricity account where this option was selected by the non-voting shareholder during the application process for the shares.

CSRL would also be mailing out the dividend advice slip which would state the total amount of dividend paid to the non-voting shareholder and the mode through which payment would be received such as the bank account details in which the dividend has been paid.”

Narayan further added that for those EFL customers who are yet to apply for the free offer of non-voting shares, CSRL is holding the dividends in trust for these EFL beneficiaries until such time that these customers apply for the shares and become non-voting shareholders of the company.

The total number of shares held by CSRL as trustee for EFL beneficiaries stands at 17,881,600 shares with the total dividends held in trust being $1,072,896.

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