Energy Fiji Limited is strongly advising – that any domestic electrical wiring is to be solely carried out by ‘certified’ electricians ONLY.

This was after EFL investigations into the electrocution of four people including two children last week, in Vusiga village Vunidawa.

The Electrocution which claimed the life of a twenty year old farmer, who came into contact with a live number 8 steel wire, was previously used as a clothes line.

The investigations report revealed – that the clothes line was tied to the roof of the house at one end, and the other end was lying on the ground and had become ‘Live!’ due to a wiring fault in the house.

Visual inspection inside the house revealed – that the other wiring alteration work, had been carried out poorly and illegally, by an unlicensed electrician and had not been inspected and approved, by an EFL inspector.

The farmers younger brother and 2 children – sustained burns to their arms and legs, due to receiving an electric shock.

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