Crossing the Wainimala river is certainly an experience to be remembered for our news team who went to Matawailevu village in Naitasiri for day two of pre-poll today.

But that is an everyday experience in the Highlands for villagers of Matawailevu, Narokorokoyawa and Korovou who have to cross the river about 24 times on any given day.

Some say the struggle is real.

Well if that’s the case then getting to Matawailevu village Wainimala in Naitasiri is a testament to that.

We had to cross the Wainimala river 12 times today to get to this polling venue at Matawailevu village.

These Election officials got here by helicopter.

Three of the 45 voters today cast their ballots for the first time.

It was also quite an experience for them especially in a rural setting such as this.

After polling at Matawailevu village, election officials had to leave for their next station.

As the officials left on their helicopter we started our journey back down the Wainimala river to our next polling venue.

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