Minister for Education Rosy Akbar is pleading with the nation to protect our children from all form of violence.

Fiji had ratified the “United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child” back in 1993, however the education Minister says there are still cases of children’s rights being violated.

Akbar is concerned that many rights of children in the country is violated.

While fare-welling the students of Tamavua Primary School who are currently representing Fiji in Japan  the Minister took time out to address this issue.

The minister made a humble plea that children in the country be protected from all forms of violence.

“Our children are still subjected to violence, our children are still subjected to domestic violence, sexual exploitation, child trafficking and child labour, and Fiji is not exceptional to that, if I could just make a humble plea to the nation, that our children need to protected from all form of violence. “

She added along with the government, parents and other stakeholders are equally responsible in addressing the issue.

All children in the country have the right to be protected from abuse, violence and exploitation, therefore the education ministry is committed to advocating for the protection of all children from risk and harm.


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