Selling fresh coconut juice or Bu is what 6 boys from Jitu Estate have been doing for the past 6 years to earn a living to support their Families.

So if you’re traveling along the Suva Corridor, then you wont miss the Bu Boys of Brown Street by the road side selling that Refreshing Coconut Juice.

For 30 year-old Gau Lad-Apenisa Delai selling Bu for the past 6 years has helped him pay bills and put food on the table for his Family of 4.

Delai says he earns earns about $70-$80 a day and within a week earns about $300 dollars selling about 50-60 coconuts a day. A Bu cost $2- $3 each.
But Delai still wants to pursue his Dream of becoming a Tiler and has enrolled at APTC and is expected to start classes in June.

While for 32-year-old Tailevu Lad- Luke Ravula, as the sole bread-winner for a family of 6, this is how he supports his Family daily.
The boys have their regular clients and most would spend about $20-$30 dollars on their produce.

Their Advice to others out there who want to earn a living-the first step is to Get Up and do something and Never Be Ashamed if you have to go out and sell by the road side.

The Bu Boys are also seeking for assistance from the relevant authorities for a shelter so to shade them especially during bad weather.

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