Permanent Secretary of Youth and Sports – Maretino Nemani says, “Drugs are dangerous and it doesn’t enhance your Performance”.

Nemani shared this while officiating at the first Consultation, on the “National Sports and Physical Activity Policy” and the “National Anti-Doping Policy” in Suva yesterday.

He was commenting on the recent ‘Drug Allegations’ clouding the Fiji Football Association.

Nemani says Drugs will Destroy your Life, and shared about his sporting days experience, on the impact Drugs can have on one’s life.

Representatives from the various Sports Fraternities were part of the Consultation.

He hopes the “National Sports Policy” will be implemented by the end of the year, and if enacted and passed in Parliament, Fiji will be the first in the Pacific Region, to have such a Law.

Nemani says sporting organisations should come down hard on athletes using drugs, and they should be banned, and not be taken into the Sport again.

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