The Multi National Force Observers first two weeks of draft training will focus on the very basics of soldiering manner which includes basic infantry lessons both theoretic and tactical. Blackrock Peacekeeping School training warrant officer and school sergeant major Staff Sergeant Mikaele Koroi says this is done in order to synchronize the skills and knowledge of draft personnel since they are coming in from different units within the RFMF and includes territorial force soldiers.

“The end of this first week will see troops going through the close combat shooting package as they prepare for the live firing shoot at Nausori highlands on the second week of training,” said the training warrant officer. Part of the first week training includes lessons on land navigation, combat lifesaving, tactical formation, contact drills, negotiating obstacles which includes drills and physical training. The draft trainees were later assessed theoretically.

During the draft welcoming church service on Sunday 3rd February, Reverend Captain Tomasi Daunakamakama delivered his sermon from the book of Joshua 7 and reminded the troops that Achan’s sin and disobedience brought shame to the whole of the Israelites.

The Padre said that evil cannot be hidden as it will eventually be exposed and bring about suffering and death.

Also in attendance was Officer Commanding Blackrock Peacekeeping School Captain John Dugu his second in Command Lieutenant Etika Vakaenei and the instructors of the peacekeeping school.

The last phase of draft training will include a week long mission rehearsal exercise whereby troops are given various realistic scenarios and tested on how they would respond within the standard operating procedure of the mission in order to make sure trainees are ready to deploy.

The Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) mission is made up of international peacekeeping force which supervises the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

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