About 500 students have enrolled at the oldest medical institution in the region, the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS).

The new batch of students were welcomed at the Pasifika Campus today, by Dean CMNHS Dr William May, heads of schools and support services.

Dr May said this was a significant step in lives of the new students.

“It’s always a pleasure to see first year students coming into the college because I was in your shoes once,” said Dr May.

“We warmly welcome you and your parents who are joining their children in this orientation. We appreciate your sacrifice from home or work to be here today.”

The senior academic said the College had a significant and colorful history and the students were going to be part of their history.

“Thank you for choosing us to be the institution that will change and carve the career of your choice in the next three years or so.”

“Today is very significant because you are beginning a step that will lead you to the profession you want to be in, the one you told your parents about, or the profession you thought off in primary school,” the Dean added.

Dr May reminded students that tertiary education was different from high school. He urged students to work hard and ensure they attend all their lectures.

“Tertiary institution is exciting and here you will think independently. This is a forum of education and one where you can come up with ideas and challenge old ideas. Here, we are open to ideas and solutions and we will help you think outside the box and to express yourself.”

The Dean also highlighted the importance of staying focused.

“Enjoy yourself while you are here but your focus from your learning and the reason why you are here should not fade,” he said.

Also, a revolutionary First Year Experience (FYE) pilot app was launched by Dr May during the Orientation Session.

The app has been designed for first year students who will be joining FNU this year.

Associate Dean – Learning & Teaching Enhancement, Dr Deepak Prasad’s team had been working round the clock to develop the FYE App.

“Learning at University is different and the first three to four weeks is important for the students to settle into their studies,” Dr Prasad said.

“This app is going to help them (new students) have an easier transition into higher education at FNU.”

The app has features like information about classes, to do list, timetables and campus maps to find lecture rooms.

Janat Naicker was among the ecstatic students and said enrolling in the Bachelor of Dietetics and Nutrition programme was her best decision.

“I am excited to join this programme and today we learnt how we will be able to help the community and society with the knowledge we gain at the school,” Naicker said.

She said the Orientation provided a lot of guidelines about her new University life.

Fellow freshmen, Neha Narayan, who enrolled in the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme, said she was looking forward to learning new things at the College.

“I want to grow myself as an individual and I expect a very holistic development here (CMNHS),” she said.

According to Narayan adjusting quickly into the new environment would be the key to her success.

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